Sumatra Eco Tours

Discover The Magic Of Northern Sumatra

Discover Sumatra responsibly with our EcoTravel team! We have put together well selected Sumatra tours for travellers of all fitness levels – from a 1-day tour around Bukit Lawang to an adventurous 2-week Sumatra vacation. We will be delighted if you take part in our sustainable Sumatran orangutan trekking in Gunung Leuser National Park and our eco-friendly tours around Bukit Lawang. The popular jungle tours with our EcoTravel team may be the highlight of your Sumatra holiday – but there’s more to discover on this big Indonesian island: visit the famous Sumatran elephants in Tangkahan, hike to the sunrise at Berastagi volcano, experience the traditional Batak culture at Lake Toba or relax on the beautiful island of Pulau Weh. An overview of all our popular Sumatra tours can be found here. All touring packages can be customized to suit your very individual needs, depending on availability.