5-Day Trek

EcoTravel’s Jungle Observation II

This 5-day jungle observation trek gives you a unique experience of life in the tropical rainforest. You will roam really deep into the jungle, staying overnight at different camps in the Gunung Leuser National Park, at the Jambur Batu River, Landak River and Bohorok River. While hiking up and down the hills and crossing small rivers you acquire traditional jungle survival knowledge. If you are lucky there is also a chance to see Sumatran tigers! For this tour you need to be really fit and healthy enough to trek for several hours each day, happy to carry all your equipment!

Duration: five days
Intensity level: high
Tour price: 300 EUR per person
Group size: minimum 3 people, maximum 7 people
Start: at 08:30 am – Fridays only
Availability: July (fully booked), August (fully booked), 27/28/29/30 September/1 October (3 places left), Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb (no observation treks, raining season!)

Tour description

DAY 1: On the first morning at 8:30 am our experienced, English speaking guides will pick you up at your guesthouse. After a short walk you will enter the national park and pass the old orangutan feeding area which is still highly popular with semi-wild orangutans. You will continue your trek through the rainforest going deeper into the jungle while having a bigger chance to see wildlife there. While hiking up and down the hills heading towards the west side of the national park your guide will point out different jungle habitants and plants species for you while giving lots of explanation about the rainforest and its biodiversity. In the afternoon around 3.30 pm you will arrive at the charming Jambur Batu River next to a big waterfall where you will stay overnight at your campsite. Now you can swim and relax and enjoy afternoon coffee and tea. Our team will prepare your jungle dinner of local Indonesian food over an open campfire. Then you have the opportunity to play games, sing around the fire or just look at the stars and review the first day of your trek. Tents, mosquito nets, air-mattress, pillows and sleeping bags will make your jungle sleep comfortable.

DAY 2: The following morning after breakfast you will start a trek over 6 hours towards Landak River. While going deeper into the rainforest your chances of encountering wildlife will increase. The terrain is steep, but the views will be spectacular. At noon your guides will prepare a simple jungle lunch on the top of a hill. The fantastic scenery in the national park will be a memorable experience for you. The campsite for the second night will be next to the big Landak River where you will arrive around 3:30 pm. There is a big chance to see wild orangutans and black gibbons. Our team will offer you an Indonesian dinner and refreshments before you can dream to the sounds of nocturnal jungle life.

DAY 3: After a good breakfast you will discover the deeper jungle while hiking further upstream along Landak River to Uning, a small pond shaped by nature. If you are lucky you can spot the Sumatran tiger, deer, wild boar and other habitants of the tropical rainforest. While the trek progresses you will become more and more used to building up the camp, preparing a real jungle dinner and working together as a team. The third night you will spend at a campsite on Landak River. Enjoy the evening at your jungle camp by playing cards or singing around the campfire with your guides.

DAY 4: The next morning you keep trekking through the jungle, heading for Bohorok River for about 5 hours. In the afternoon you can relax and swim at the campsite for your fourth night. If you are lucky you can observe the Sumatran monitor lizards, tortoises and colourful river butterflies around the campsite. Being in the jungle at night is a completely contrasting experience; there are different animals, different sounds and of course a sky full or stars.

DAY 5: This is the start of a lazy day with waking up late, having breakfast, swimming or just relaxing in the camp. Then it’s time to return to Bukit Lawang with 2.5 hours full of fun! Your “jungle taxi” will take you back by traditional tube-rafting down the Bohorok River – a very special and exciting way to finish your trekking adventure through the Sumatran jungle.

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