The deposit to secure your booking depends on the total amount, the type of tour and the rooms required but starts at a minimum of 20% of the total price. If you cancel your Sumatra tour within 90 days prior to arrival there will be a cancellation fee of 20% of the total price. If you cancel later we will keep the total deposit ranging from 20 – 100%, depending on your individual booking. However, if you have problems getting to Sumatra on your scheduled date because of COVID-19, our standard terms and conditions do not apply. Being a small family business, a refund is difficult for us as we are still sustaining a lot of locals by employing them and by using their services as suppliers. However, none of your money will be lost: we would ask you to use your deposit for postponed bookings up to two years later. This is how we will act in any future pandemic including official travel warnings.