Basic Trekking Information

We are different: as opposed to other operators in Bukit Lawang, EcoTravel treks are limited in size and number due to environmental issues. The focus of our sustainable jungle treks is on quality and safety rather than on quantity. On top of that our guides are meticulous about collecting all the garbage left behind – even waste from other groups. Please find further information about jungle trekking with our EcoTravel team in Gunung Leuser National Park here:

Observation II (5-Day Tour)

Our 5-day trek gives you a unique experience of life in the rainforest. You will roam really deep into the jungle and stay overnight at different camps in Gunung Leuser National Park. While hiking up and down the hills and crossing rivers you acquire traditional jungle survival knowledge. If you are lucky there is a chance to see elephants or even foot prints of Sumatran tigers! For this jungle trek you need to be really fit and healthy enough to trek for several hours each day.

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