Our team in Bukit Lawang has been into guiding for many years and never witnessed an accident. We have an excellent reputation to keep our guests safe, but to be honest you will be out in the wild and you will be involved in Indonesian traffic. You should understand that tours arranged by EcoTravel Bukit Lawang also involve certain risks and dangers. These include: traveling in mountain terrain, trekking in dense rainforest and crossing rivers; unpredictable behavior of wildlife; accidents caused by the forces of nature; accidents or illness in remote regions with little or no medical facilities and without any means of rapid or free evacuation; accidents caused by Indonesian traffic. So please note: insurance lies within the responsibility of each traveller or group to cover for accidents, injury or loss of property. Our Sumatra travel advisory: You should especially make sure with your health insurance to cover for foreign travel, jungle-trekking, transport and the like!