Although it is difficult to recommend a fixed sum of money we can give a few guidelines: after your arrival in Bukit Lawang you have to pay for entrance permits to the national park and a tax for using cameras before starting your trek (150.000 IDR / pax). For keeping extra luggage in a locker room during overnight treks there is a small fee at around 20.000 IDR at most of the guesthouses. At our EcoTravel Cottages and at The Hangout@ EcoTravel, storing luggage is free for our guests. If you require a local porter for carrying your luggage from taxi/bus stop to your chosen guesthouse, their fees range from 50.000 -100.000 IDR (per person / one way). Yet again, if you are staying at our EcoTravel Cottages or at The Hangout@ EcoTravel, you enjoy free local porter services upon arrival/departure! Meals in Bukit Lawang are available at approximately 50.000 IDR per person, including soft drinks or water. One small bottle of beer is around 30.000 IDR. Unfortunately Bukit Lawang is a bit more expensive than other places in Sumatra.