The official price list for jungle trekking in Gunung Leuser National Park issued by the Indonesian Tourist Guides Association is based on a minimum group size of 3 people and includes the park entrance permit/camera tax of 150.000 IDR/pax. But our EcoTravel prices are based on a minimum group size of 2 persons only for most of our popular trekking tours (except Bufferzone Trek and Observation Treks). There are no additional costs, even if no other guests join your group. Along with our exceptionally delicious food we provide double tents, sleeping bags, pillows, mattresses, mosquito nets, safety jackets and helmets for children. These features make trekking safer and more comfortable for EcoTravel guests. But our team has to use official camp sites and the usual “jungle toilets” in the national park. As opposed to some others our team follows the official rules of the national park office and pays the required entrance permit to the national park for each guest. For reasons of transparency we list the national park permit separately from our trekking fees. By adding both figures they sum up to the official standard charge per person. Before you start trekking, your permit is handed out to you. But please note that some tour operators or guides do not follow the rules of the national park, do not pay permits for their guests, neither do they register them. Each traveller in Bukit Lawang is supposed to hold a permit before they start trekking (DIN A6 format, 4-colour, with registration number!).