Bat Cave & Landak River Walk

For Cave Lovers And Bird Watchers (1-Day Tour)

This relaxing tour to the famous Bat Cave near Bukit Lawang followed by a walk to the beautiful Landak River is a highlight for cave lovers and bird watchers. As a bonus, some Thomas leaf monkeys, silver tail macaques, lizards, butterflies and – if you are lucky – orangutans may cross your way.

Duration: full day
Intensity level: low – average
Tour prices: 35 EUR / per person
­Group size: minimum 2 people, maximum 8 people
Start: at 09:00 am – Thursdays only

Tour description

This memorable EcoTravel tour starts at 9:00 am with a leisurely 3 km walk from Bukit Lawang to the famous Bat Cave. The cave features three “rooms” full of stalagmites and stalactites, with countless bats on its roof and swallows on its walls. Lit by torch lights, this impressive cave system will be shown to you by our guide. Then there’s a 1-hour-walk to the beautiful Landak River near the edge of Gunung Leuser National Park. This beautiful spot is ideal for your lunch followed by some swimming in the river or relaxing by its banks. You can also admire the unique Tualang Tree – one of the world’s tallest trees! Depending on the season you can taste durian fruit, pineapple or coconuts offered by the villagers. Thomas leaf monkeys, silver tail macaques, camouflaged lizards, various birds and beautiful butterflies make up the local wildlife. On your way back you can stop – if you like – at a place where you safely watch our amazing Sumatran snakes like cobras or green vipers.